Geomatics Engineering

  • METI facilitates productive design data stakeouts in 3D. Stakeouts are performed to show contractors where to build on the ground after professionals, typically engineers and planners, have given the necessary information from an approved set of plans.
  • METI conducts topographic measurements to ensure land features are suitable for intended use. Topographic measurements provide an accurate view of how use has changed the land topography and how it is slated to change through planned improvements
  • The results of data mapping are presented as contour lines, digitized as an interactive view of the land.



  • In some cases, topographic measurements may be a government requirement to describe the initial state of land, before it changes hands or in preparation for redevelopment such as determining optimal drainage, grading, etc.
  • Most construction projects begin with topographic measurements, for assessing areas in infrastructure with changing topographic data such as quarries or previously demolished structure
  • Professionals may use these measurements for exploration studies relating to the economic feasibility and cost of production, as existing features may influence their design and decisions